Máret Ánne Sara (b.1983) is an artist, author and journalist. She is from a reindeer herding family in Kautokeino and currently works in her hometown. Máret Ánne is the initiator of Dáiddadállu Artist Collective and works with both visual arts and authorship. She has published two novels and was nominated for the Nordic Council’s Children’s and Young Literature Prize in 2014 for her debut book “Ilmmid gaskkas” (published in Norwegian in 2014 and in English in 2016). The follow-up “Doaresbealde doali” was published in 2014. Sara is currently working on the contemporary art project Pile o’Sápmi, which was presented at Documenta 14 in Kassel in 2017.

Máret Ánne has exhibited visual art since 2003 and often deals with political and social issues, from a Sami and reindeer-social perspective. Sara has designed posters, CD / LP covers, scene visuals and fabric prints for a number of Sami artists, designers and institutions. She is said to have a distinctive style and a recognizable visual expression.

Group exhibitions:

  • Historjjat/Historier, Dronning Sonjas Kunst stall/Queen Sonjas Art Stable, Oslo April-August 2019
  • Join, Norwegian Precense, Milan Design Week 2019
  • Pile O´Sápmi Ealaskan & Reactors of Change, Barents Spektakel, kirkenes feb 2019
  • Everyone says Hallo, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo des 2018.feb 2019
  • True Stories, Meet Factory, Prague nov 2018-jan 2019
  • Let the river flow, Curated by Katya Garcia Anton, OCA, Tensta konsthall, Sami Daiddaguovddas, 2018-2019
  • Nuart Festival, Stavanger 2018
  • Samisk Identitet – En sommerutstilling, Nordkappmuseet, June-August 2018
  • Pile o´Sápmi in context, Tenthas Oslo, des 2017
  • Oaivemozit/Madness, Southbank Centre, London, Oct 2017
  • Documenta 14, Kassel Germany, june-sept 2017
  • Áigemátki-Tidsreise- Timetravel, juryert utstilling av Sámi Dáiddačehpiid Searvi – Samisk kunstnerforbund, vandreutstilling 2016-
  • ”Into the wind!”, Nordic Children´s book illustration exhibition, Berlin, Reykjavik, Lithuania, Latvia, Nordic children´s book conference at Solvberget gallery Stavanger, Russian State children´s library in Moscow, St. Petersburg Central Children’s Library, 2016-
  • “Bly manifestasjoner – Sápmi 1970-2017” Pile o´Sápmi-Tromsø, Snerk gallery, January 2017
  • “Pile o´Sápmi-The heart and home”, Pile o´Sápmi-Tromsø, Small Projects Gallery, january 2017
  • LAPP AFFAIR-UNFINISHED BUSINESS, Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Harstad 2016
  • Pile o´Sápmi, Tana, Karasjok, 2016
  • FUFF by Maret Anne Sara, I.E.Solheim, I. Jordal, Y.Normanseth, exhibited at Hammefest kunstforening, Alta kunstforening, Vadsø kunstforening, Berlevåg Havnemuseum, RiddoDuottarmuseat Kautokenio, Samisk Kunstsenter Karasjok, Murmansk Regionale Kunstmuseum, 2015
  • ”Discover the Sámi people” by Maret Anne Sara, Petter Engman, Tanja Sanila and Jan-Eerik Paadar, EESC, Brussles 2015.
  • “Galskap, ei kjærlighetshistorie – gode og dårlige utstikter av Máret Ánne Sara og Marion Palmer, exhibited at Kjeldsenbruket v/Vadsø museum june-august 2014, Riddo Duottar Museat Kautokeino april-mai 2014, Verk Hammerfest feb 2014
  • ”Oaivemozit/Galskap/Madness” exhibited by Hadsel Kunstforening in Hadsel, Vesterålen, july 2013
  • ”Oaivemozit/Galskap/Madness” exhibited by Galleri Hildreland in Bø, Vesterålen, july 2013
  • Exhibition and sale at Krane Galleri, Tromsø, 2013
  • Exhibition and sale at Paletten Galleri, Harstad, 2011-
  • Exhibition during the 4. worldcongress for reindeepeoples, april 2009
  • Maret Anne Sara and Josef Halse, Kautokeino easterfestival 2008
  • Riddu Riđđu ”unge kunstnere/young artists”, Mandalen, july 2007
  • Nana festival Tromsø, Maret Anne Sara and Hans Ragnar Mathisen, 2004
  • Guovdageain‘nuoraid “nuorra dáiddárat/young artists”, Kautokeino 2003


Solo exhibitions:

  • “Vel eambbo oaivemozit/expanded madness”, Konsthallen, Kulturens hus Luleå, june-august 2015
  • Festival artist at Vinterfestuka, Musuem Nord, Narvik, 2015
  • “Oaivemozit/Galskap/Madness”, exhibited in Harstad v/Harstad Kunstforening, sept-oct 2014
  • ”Oaivemozit/Galskap/Madness” exhibited at Galleri Apotheket in Hadsel v/Hadsel kunstforening, june-august 2014
  • “Boaresnieida” exhibited at Riddo Duottarmueseat, Kautokeino, april-mai 2014
  • ”Oaivemozit/Galskap/Madness” exhibited at Samisk Hus in Oslo, june-august 2013
  • ”Oaivemozit/Galskap/Madness” Ice-exhibition at Thon Ice Adventure in Kautokeino, feb-april 2013
  • Festival artist at mørketidsfestivalen in Hammerfest, curated by Hammerfest art assoziation: november 2012
  • “Eat it, alege boakčan!” exhibited at Kaffegalleriet, Kautokeino, april 2012
  • Várdobáiki Sámi senter galleri, Evenes, november 2008-juni 2009
  • Kautokeino easterfestival, april 2007
  • Sámi Siida Museum, Enari, Finland 12.10.06—07.01.07



  • ”Doaresbealde doali”, Audiobook read by author Máret Ánne Sara, DAT publishing house 2019
  • “In between worlds”, English translation of “Ilmmiid gaskkas”, DAT publishing house 2016 (215 pages)
  • ”Ilmmiid gaskkas”, Audiobook read by author Máret Ánne Sara, DAT publishing house 2014
  • ”Mellom verdener”, Norwegian translation of ”Ilmmiid gaskkas”, DAT publishing house 2014 (207 pages)
  • ”Doaresbealde doali”, Novel published by DAT publishing house, 2014 (319 pages)
  • ”Ilmmiid Gaskkas”, Novel published by DAT publishing house, 2013 (Nominated for the Nordic Council Children and Young People´s Literature Prize, 2014)


Commissioned work:

  • Poster for Beaivváš Sámi nationaltheater, “Skoavdnji”, 2015
  • Movieposter for Elle Sofe Henriksen, “Sámi Bojá”, 2014
  • Movieposter for Sami International filmcenter, “7Sami Stories”, 2014
  • LP&cover design for artist Johan Sara Jr, “Johan Sara Jr Remix”, 2014
  • Fabricprint for fashion designer Anne Berit Anti, ABANTI design 2013
  • CD cover design for artist Max Mackhé , released 2012
  • CD cover design for artist Elin Kåven, released 2012
  • Stage/showcase images for atist Lovisa Negga, 2012


Grants and nominations

  • Art Scholarship, Art Concil Norway 2019-2021
  • Art Scholarship, Saami Council, 2019
  • Nominated for artist of the year, Subjektprisen 2018
  • Talent award in the field of culture, Sparebankstiftelsen SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge, 2018
  • Art Scolarship, Sami Parliament 2015-2018
  • Art Scolarship, SDGB/SKFV 2014-2015
  • Nominated for the Nordic Council Children and Young People´s Literature Prize, 2014
  • Kautokeino countys culture award, 2013

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